1. The 80th Japanese Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Autumn Meeting 2019, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, Sep. 18-21, 2019, Best Poster Award (Corresponding Author: Hasebe T): “Fabrication of nanodiamond-based new MRI contrast agents for lymphatic imaging”
  2. CIRSE2019 (Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe),
    Barcelona, Spain, Sep. 7-10, Cum Laude: “Development of radiopaque drug-eluting beads on Lipiodol/biodegradable-polymer for transarterial chemoembolization”
  3. The 140th Annual meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society (Kanto Regional Meeting), Tokyo, Japan, July 6, 2019, Summa Cum Laude (Corresponding Author: Hasebe T): “Fabrication of hydrophilic nanodiamond based contrast agents for magnetic resonance lymphatic imaging”
  4. The 48th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Interventional Radiology (JSIR 2019), Fukuoka, Japan, May 30-June 1, Best Presentation Award (Oral): “A next-generation development of drug-eluting bead with biodegradable /radiopaque moieties for HCC”