1. International Conference on Diamond and Cabon Materials, Madird, Spain, Sep. 7-11, 2014
    Young Scolar Award, Silver medal (oral and poster presentation) (Hasebe T: Corresponding Author)
    “Hydrogen-free amorphous carbon film: Antibacterial and antithrombogenic biocompatible coating”
  2. 第1回J-Rescue (Japan-Relationship among Vascular Specialists for Contemporary Universal Endovascular Treatment),東京,日本,2014年6月14日
    講演優秀賞 (Hasebe T: Presenting/Corresponding Author)
  3. 第37回日本バイオレオロジー学会年会,大宮,日本,2014年6月5日
    ポスター学会最優秀賞 (Hasebe T: Corresponding Author)